August Update

Getaway Outdoors

We would like to thank Getaway Outdoors Balcatta for working with us for their own kill bags. They will be made to high quality standards without any marketing fluff just how our loyal customers like it.

  • 160cm x 40cm
  • Airtight design
  • 840D TPU material
  • 10mm closed cell NBR insulation
  • RF welded seams

Just a reminder than 10mm closed cell insulation is what you want. It is twice as effective than open call insulation so it saves room. 840D TPU is tough, it will withstand everyday use while fishing around the WA coastline. Being airtight also means it is waterproof. In the event your kill bag tips over, it will not leak.


We are also working on a few other bags but testing them for quality and usability. We are also reworking some of our current bags to add more useful features as requested. On top of adding more useful features, we are also relooking at some camouflage patterns.



We have seen delays in our fishing rods due to Covid and Fuji struggling to keep up with the demands in the market. However, the rods are 2 weeks away from reaching us.


We are also experiencing delays in having our goods tested due to lockdowns and restrictions. As most of you would know, everyone is travelling within their state for holidays and there isn’t enough accommodation available for everyone.


In 2022, we plan to expand very fast. To do this, we need a larger product range and we are currently testing out a few items in the pipeline. Here is a small list of what we have coming in 2022.

  • Terminal tackle – Swivels, clips, snap swivels, split rings, etc.
  • Waterproof wallets – No more leaving your wallet in the car or bag.
  • Premade rigs – Drone rigs, paternoster rigs, sabiki rigs and various other rigs are currently being tested.
  • Artic Camo range – Redesigned bags and some new apparel for the Arctic Camo range.
  • Apparel – Face buffs, arm sleeves, caps, fishing shirts, pants and warming gear are currently being made for us to test their sizing and quality.
  • Rods – We have a few rods being tested. We will get some light game rods out for those who want to have fun landing big fish on light gear. We also have some PE15 and higher rods being made for those who don’t want to mess around being tested. There are also a few boat rods being put together as well.
  • Redesigned kill bags – Leaving the best for last, we have redesigned some of our bags. The new bags won’t only look better but they have more parts built in for convenience. Once they hit the stores we will upload some photos.

We wish we could upload a whole bunch of photos as we are excited about 2022. Unfortunately there are a few people out there who have taken our photos and claim it as theirs or copy our ideas.