Product Updates

Fishing Lures

Over the last 20 months, we have been asked to help design and make lures for clients from Australia and the US. While we have a few lures in the mix, our US client has finally confirmed their order.

We have the Zero 90 lure tested and currently in production. We will post updates when they come in but here is a look at the lures themselves.

These lures will come in 20g, 40g, 70g and 90g variations all rigged with BKK trebles.

The zinc allow body is wired through and major impact spots reinforced.

A diamond pattern surface is designed to reflect light as it gently wobbles through the water.

We incorporated a rocket-like shape with a “fin” like protrusion one the sides to add stability to casting. This eliminates the issue where the lure spins all over the place occasionally catching your line in the hooks.

Electroplated in chrome, gold, red and blue colours to target a variety of species in different conditions.

When these lures are delivered to the clients, we will post an update on our website on where you can purchase these lures.

Even though these lures are designed by us and have our branding, it is the clients’ commissioned product so at this stage we only know they will be in the US and uncertain of their availability in Australia.