Late Update

Sorry for the very late updates. We have been working hard trying to get our goods delivered as soon as possible as now is the start of the land based game fishing. We do have some good news with some bad news.

The bad news is I am told there is another 3 days before I receive half of the shipment of bags. The good news is that we have received half and doing the rounds to get them delivered as soon as possible This includes the following;

  • 1.0m kill bags
  • 1.4m kill bags
  • UV torches
  • Tactical torches
  • Terminal tackle and
  • Solar lamps

The kill bags are the bags we are all used to. They are made with 820D TPU and come with a PVC insert. The general airtight zips, side mesh pocket and RF welded seams. From here on, all our kill bags will be sewn together first then RF welded.

The UV torches have been really getting out there and we ran out of stock faster than expected. Thank you all for the awesome support. Don’t forget you can hold the power button down while the torch is on to adjust the brightness.

The tactical torches are a really fun and cool gadget. They are Micro USB rechargeable, rainproof and quite bright for their size. I put one in my bag straight away. They’re small enough to carry around without getting in the way. USB C port, IP53 rated and built in 2600mAh battery makes this very handy. I am pretty sure they are brighter than 600 lumens but that is what it says on the box so we will stick by that.

Now, the terminal tackle. They are good. We have literally spent thousands getting in samples from various places to get high quality swivels and finally found a reputable source. Most high end terminal tackle are brass and some are coated in nickel or steel to stop corrosion. We know brass doesn’t rust but it does corrode which is annoying when you make rigs to last as long as you can. Below we have the numbers.

BlackStainless Steel Crane Swivel13mm99lb
BlackStainless Steel Crane Swivel16.5mm176lb
BlackStainless Steel Crane Swivel21mm309lb
BlackStainless Steel Crane Swivel with Snap37mm71lb
BlackStainless Steel Crane Swivel with Snap40mm170lb
BlackStainless Steel 3 Way Combination Swivel22mm x 19mm309lb
BlackStainless Steel 4 Way Combination Swivel18mm x 16m176lb
StainlessStainless Steel Solid Ring Inner diameter 7mm276lb
StainlessStainless Steel Solid Ring Inner diameter 10mm441lb
StainlessStainless Steel Split RingInner diameter 6.5mm99lb
StainlessStainless Steel Split RingInner diameter 10mm231lb

Small in size but highly rated. The advantage of this is having your rig come back with less resistance and weed without sacrificing strength. This isn’t an issue for most people but for droning, spinning non stop, beach fishing and such, this will make it easier.

The Rechargeable Solar Lamps have arrived but packaging hasn’t. They’re bright and have a can be used as an emergency powerbank with a 4400mAh built in battery. With 600 lumens of brightness, can be used as a torch, lamp or motion sensor activated lamp, these would be the go to for night fishing on the rocks or camp.

We are working on a large range of lures. We are happy with 3 designs and will have them in production soon. One of them are on their way to us now. 

These will come with BKK trebles ready to land you your next fish. The Chrome and Gold colours are currently in Australia making their way to us.

What we are also excited about is the spoons we are designing. Spoons have been around for a very long time and in most parts of the world, they are they go to lure for commercial fishing. One of the issues we have here is we have a very limited range and need them heavier. When we have the winds behind us, getting the distance isn’t an issue if the lure is weighted right so that is what we are working on. The actions on the prototypes are very enticing. They have a nice horizontal flutter when you retrieve them. We will keep you posted.

If there are any updates, I will make sure to update this page as soon as I can. In the meantime, stay safe and tight lines.