More Custom Rods

Hi Everyone,

We have recently come back from a trip to restock a few stores and tested a new light game rod. The blanks are special built like the Pelagics rods but rated for 10lb to 18lb line. This might not sound impressive but here are the details.


  • 9ft 2 piece mid joint
  • Special mix of 30t and 40t top end carbon
  • Factory tested cast weight of 10grams to 50grams, recommended 10grams to 30grams.
  • Rated from 10lb to 18lb
  • Factory tested max deadlift 7.5kg at 45 degrees, recommended no more than 4kg.
  • Blank – 10mm butt tapered to a 1mm tip

Here is the impressive part. We landed a small eagle ray which weighed around 7kg, a shovel nose at 2kg and a few smaller fish. It is strong yet sensitive enough to feel even the slightest touch on the tip. 

For thin rods, there is usually an issue with the fragile tips. We have made the tips much more stronger and gave the rod three stages of action. This is an extremely tricky task to achieve and we do not believe this has been done before.

Due to the special traits of this rod, it is a very impressive light game rod and egi rod without any sacrifices being made. It is light enough to continuously cast without the long butt with very minimal effort. 

These won’t be available for a few months as you can not spin these off the production line like traditional rods. We are also waiting for further instructions from the client who requested these rods made.

For those of you who have used our rods, you would have noticed that they make whatever you are hooked into feel like the catch is smaller than it actually is. This is not a coincidence and a lot of R&D have gone into making our rods perform the way they do.

 We are also going to expand rapidly in 2022 due to a lot more retailers coming on board so thank you for the tremendous support. All our current stockists have been extremely supportive and I can not thank them enough personally. Those who have contacted us directly, a major thank you to you guys for taking a chance at using our products and taking the time to message us. 

We are under the pump at the moment so I will try keep this short and try to update the news more frequently. 

Stay safe and tight lines.

End note – Added a video showing how our UV torches perform. We got bored in the dark but the range is quite impressive.