Giving Back with Streamers

It has been an extremely long few weeks so we haven’t had time to follow up with anything.

We are currently working on 20 different lures, 8 new rods and 3 new bags. Most of these already in production with no ETA yet due to the extremely slow shipping times and supply issues due to lockdowns around the world.

We are also working with a few people who will hopefully help us give back to the community. Come check them out and catch them on their live streams or socials. Give them a follow or subscribe to their channels.


Panel Content

Splucy – https://www.twitch.tv/splucy
Content – Fishing, camping and cooking

G’day, I’m Lucy & welcome to my channel.

I’m a West Australian sheila who is passionate about fishing, camping & nature.

Sometimes you will find me doing cooking, including catch n cooks, other outdoor content & the occasional desktop stream.

I tend to stream when the weather looks good enough for fishing, streaming 3-6 times a week.

I have so much love for our community the splu-crew, which is full of goofy, friendly & light hearted people. We are a welcoming bunch, so please say g’day sometime!

♥ splucy xx




We are looking at getting more people into fishing around Australia. To do so, we need help from the streamers who will be giving away a number of fishing rods to kids and maybe adults later in the year. They should be ready around April 2022.

Type : Spin
Length : 6ft 2 piece
Rating : 1-3kg
Cast Weight : 10g to 30g
Guides : Generic level 3 guides
Deadlift : 3kg on a 45 degree angle
Action : Medium

We only have the rod in a spin design only at this stage to see how well this program will work. Anyone purchasing the rods will know that majority of the profits will go back into the program or similar programs to help get more people into fishing.

Give the Streamers a follow and see what they get up to. Interact with them, show some support, share some laughs, meet new friends and maybe learn a few things. 

I will keep this short as we need to chase up some goods, design more products and test more prototypes.  We will leave you with a few links below from our Streamers.